Good Love

We always worry about people.
What will they say? What will they think? Will they like me better if I do this? Will they not like me if I don’t do this?

People who mind, don’t matter – and people who matter, don’t mind.

No one should request – or even have the audacity to ask, for that matter – for you to change who you are, just because they aren’t happy with who you are at the current moment.

Everyone is on their own journey. Their own path to Allah ﷻ. If we do things and change ourselves to please people instead of our Rabb, it’ll end up in vain anyways because it wasn’t for the right reason.

I have this problem.

I care too much about what people think. In my mind, I tell myself I would prefer to be respected and accepted than loved and desired. But as a wise friend recently told me – you can’t love someone without respecting them. Love without respect is fickle. Shallow. Conditional. Fake.

That’s not real love. That’s not good love. So what does good love look like?

To me, good love is unconditional. Respectful. Accepting. Uplifting. Physical. Forgiving. Honest. Passionate. Happy. Understanding. Listening. Real. Helpful. Loyal. Special. Trusting. Fulfilling. Safe. Emotional. Kind. Generous. Loving. Caring. Empathetic. Sweet. Beautiful. Spiritual. Strong. Empowering.

And I want good love. I deserve good love. Nothing less.

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